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In-office Procedures

The Roswell Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy comprises a highly qualified team of otolaryngologists. From diagnostic exams to cutting-edge treatments, our providers go above and beyond to deliver the high quality of care our patients deserve.

More than physicians, they are dedicated problem solvers who strive to get to the root of their patients’ medical concerns so they can receive the appropriate treatments.

Our greater Kampala area ear, nose, and throat specialists are equipped to overcome nearly any otolaryngological problem, be it minor or severe. Learn more about our advanced in-office treatments and services.

  • Nasal Problems such as congestion, sinusitis, trouble breathing, loss of smell
  • Ear Problems such as hearing loss, wax impaction, infections, dizziness and ringing in the ears
  • Throat Problems such as voice and swallowing disorders
  • Sleep problems such as snoring and sleep apnea
  • Office Based Procedures such as balloon sinuplasty, turbinate reduction, Vivaer, Latera and Clarafix
  • ENT Surgery such as tonsillectomy, sinus surgery, septoplasty
  • Allergy Testing and Treatment
  • Professional Voice Care and Speech Therapy
  • Hearing and Balance Testing and Rehabilitation including Hearing Aids
  • TMJ Pain
  • Head and neck cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Pediatric and geriatric care
  • Video recorded examination of the ear, nose and throat

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Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that helps relieve the systoms of sinusitis without damaging the sinuses

Hearing Analysis

Equipped with the latest instruments and technology to provide Comprehensive Hearing Analysis for assessment and treatment

Allergy Testing

Our Allergy experts specialize in pinpointing the exact factors and/or substances at the root of your hypersenstive reaction

Chronic Sinusitis

We are experts in diagnosing and prescribing the most effective and least invasive treatment available to you


Our Physicians pride themselves in providing the most comfortable environment and experience possible for those in their developing stages of life

Roswell Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy

Otolaryngology located in Kampala

Roswell Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy boasts a team of dedicated healthcare professionals that is second to none, where physicians and support staff work tirelessly to provide patients with the highest possible level of comprehensive care.

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A Word From Our Founder

When I founded the Roswell ENT practice in 2019 it became immediately clear to me that the climate of healthcare in Kampala (and the country) was lacking significantly. Within months of starting my practice I realized that many underserved lives were being neglected.

It became my mission to change how healthcare is delivered in our community. Over time I quickly realized that there is a significant void within my specialty and that the typical office visit for patients is not consistent with the rest of the service industry. I wanted to create a place where people could feel comfortable that their problems would be solved no matter how big or how small. On a larger scale I wanted to change the way medicine is delivered in our community and our country as a whole. My mission is to change the public’s view of medicine and change the medical community’s view of how medicine should be delivered.

Take Our Balloon Sinuplasty Quiz

Find out if Balloon Sinuplasty is right for you. Take our quiz to find out if this is the right procedure for you to help alleviate your sinus troubles. Breathing clearly, eliminating sinus pressure, and an improved quality of life is just a few questions away.

Is SINUVA right for you?

SINUVA is a dissolvable implant for patients that have had polyps return after an initial polypectomy procedure. The SINUVA implant has twice the strength of other sinus implants to reduce the size polyps. Find out if SINUVA is the right solution for you.

Take Control of Your Allergies.

Over 15 million People are affected by some type of allergy. An allergy occurs when one’s immune system perceives a contacted substance as dangerous and the body reacts to eliminate or neutralize this “threat”. Discover what solutions are available to alleviate your allergies today.

What Are Digital Hearing Aids?

Starkey, a hearing aid manufacturer from US is the provider of the hearing aids we sell, Today’s best hearing aids are intelligent and provide life-changing benefits to improve health and wellness. By amplifying sounds you want to hear and diminishing sounds you don’t, the best hearing aids offer superior sound quality designed to ensure you never miss the moments that matter most


We have UAP old mutual , liberty , GA insurance , ELectricity regulatory authority, jubilee , prudential , and working on a others currently

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I wish to convey my appreciation for support during my Ent major operation the other Thursday. Am indeed feeling better, able to breath through the nose very well. Appreciate Dr. Kasule for end to end diagnosis and operation done.

Kakande Grace

Just a short letter to say I can’t thank you enough for the results of my surgery. I am absolutely amazed with what you have been able to do. Furthermore I felt completely at ease, Dr Kasori was very kind and professional.

Birungi Tracy

My quality and appreciation of life is many times improved since the surgical procedure and professional care from you and your staff. Oranges, pineapples have never tasted better! May God Bless u all.

Ronald Archer  Idaho, USA 

I would like to appreciate and give thanks to Nurse Grace and Security Lady in the lower parking for the great service experience. They were eceptional.

Kinene Ronnie

Very friendly staff, put me at ease immediately. Relaxed environment and lots of smiley faces! Thank you!. I can’t fault in any way the amazing care I was given; everybody was so friendly, happy and made me feel relaxed and cared for. Thank you.

Mukasa Edward

What a fantastic place this is. Wonderful room, the staff are second to none from the nursing to the administration to the supporting staff. Nothing was too much trouble, and my visit was quick and efficient.

Agaba Edwin

I can not praise the the staff, both medical and administrative, for the professional and caring and kind way I was treated. They were both patient and reassuring and more than happy to answer all my questions. Thank you

Uwera Martha

Excellent staff,so cheerful, helpful and professional. A pleasure to be a patient." Lovely caring nursing staff. Relaxing,warm atmosphere and peace of mind that I am being taken care of and advised as necessary. thank you

Abura Lucus

The hospital is very friendly and the staff are brilliant. Would have no problem with recommending the hospital to other people. Thank you. The treatment received was very efficient, professional and considerate.

Baroz Steven