Throat Infection

Throat Infection Specialist

The dedicated team of professionals are committed to helping patients find relief from persistent throat infection. With proper diagnosis and the care and attention provided by the Roswell Center for Ear, Nose Throat, and Allergy team, patients can get back on their feet and back to their normal lives.

Throat Infection Q & A

What are the causes of throat infection?

There are a number of things that can lead a patient to experience a sore throat. Bacterial or viral infections are common causes of throat pain. Another common issue involves tonsillitis, which is inflammation of the tonsils, leading to an acutely painful sore throat. Unfortunately, determining the source of a throat infection is not always a simple matter.

At one point in time, the common medical response to treating throat infections was to prescribe antibiotics. Today, however, research has shown that antibiotics are overprescribed, which can lead to large-scale social health concerns. Our team of professionals is able to employ the proper diagnostic tools to determine what is causing a throat infection as well as the best course of action to treat the condition.

What is strep throat and how serious is it?

Strep throat is a condition caused by streptococcal bacteria. While more common in children and adolescents, strep throat also occurs in adults. The condition is similar to a bad cold, however, strep throat often presents far more throat pain than a normal cold or flu.

Without treatment, strep throat can potentially lead to rheumatic fever, which can cause damage to the patient’s heart valves. In addition, the pain associated with strep throat is usually quite significant, and can interfere with normal daily function while the infection is present within the body. Patients may experience loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, visibly inflamed and red tonsils, and the appearance of white spots in the back of the throat.

What are less common causes of throat infection?

A number of factors can lead to throat infection, including exposure to irritants, allergens, or excessive strain on the throat. An injury to the throat can also lead to an infection, along with conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

While there are a number of causes behind various types of throat infection, there are also many treatment options currently available, and patients should never feel pressure to “wait out” an infection prior to seeking treatment.