Care of the Professional Voice

Performers such as singers and actors may need specialized care to ensure that their voice remains healthy and they are able to perform at their best. Professionals should have regular exams of the vocal cords and surrounding structures to monitor their health and prevent unnecessary damage to their voice.

Preventive care is necessary to ensure that the voice is being used properly and to detect and correct poor speaking habits, ultimately leading to healthy lives and successful careers.

Laryngology is a subspecialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders the larynx related to voice, swallowing and breathing. Vocal professionals should consider a laryngologist who understands the importance of vocal health to their careers.

A good laryngologist will focus on prevention and maintenance as well as treating voice disorders. This may include a baseline evaluation, including a vocal history and digital laryngeal stroboscopy, for the assessment and management of potential problems before they result in a loss of vocal quality. Regular evaluations and ongoing preventative care are very important to maximize the long-term performance of vocal professionals.

Care of the Professional Voice Treatment

Speech Therapy

For people who make their living using their voice, such as public speakers, entertainers, television and radio personnel, or teachers, constant use may cause hoarseness or other throat and voice issues. Problems that frequently arise from improper use of the voice include discomfort or pain, vocal strain, and voice fatigue.

Complications include vocal nodes, cysts, swollen or bleeding vocal cords, and paralysis of the vocal cords. Speech therapy introduces exercises and practices to relieve the strain on the voice and rehabilitate vocal abuse behaviors, and may also include diet and lifestyle changes when reflux contributes to throat and vocal cord irritation.