Our Mission

Mission Statement:

The Roswell Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy is dedicated to providing University caliber care to the community setting. We will help provide high-quality medical service with compassion and dedication to our patients. Roswell is also committed to acting as a resource for the communities in which we operate.


Our purpose is to provide high-level subspecialty care to the community. We are a company founded on the principle of availability and strive to improve the quality of community healthcare in Los Angeles and beyond. We aim to change the way healthcare is delivered and perceived.

Synergistic Care:

In medicine we often see a disparity between healthcare providers, hospital systems and insurance companies. At LA CENTA we believe it is important to work synergistically with our community hospitals and healthcare system in order to provide the most comprehensive care to our patients. We accept a wide variety of insurance and service multiple hospitals to help serve this end. We constantly seek out opportunities to help us better serve our patients and their families.

A Word from Our Founder:

When I founded the practice in 2014 it became immediately clear to me that the climate of healthcare in Los Angeles (and the country) was lacking significantly. Within months of starting my practice I realized that many underserved lives were being neglected. It became my mission to change how healthcare is delivered in our community. Over time I quickly realized that there is a significant void within my specialty and that the typical office visit for patients is not consistent with the rest of the service industry. I wanted to create a place where people could feel comfortable that their problems would be solved no matter how big or how small. On a larger scale I wanted to change the way medicine is delivered in our community and our country as a whole. My mission is to change the public’s view of medicine and change the medical community’s view of how medicine should be delivered.

East LA