Painless Tonsillectomy

Chronic tonsil infections are a very common problem in the adult population. In children there is the simple fix. We remove the tonsils and the problem subsides. Unfortunately, in adults this surgery is very painful and can result in an inability to eat for weeks, multiple weeks off of work and the unwanted loss of weight.

Now we have a solution which can decrease the pain and bleeding associated with adult tonsillectomy. The Bizact device is a Ligasure device commonly used in head and neck surgery.


The Bizact device uses the same technology as our Ligasure decir that has been the leader in the ligation market for over 20 years.

The Bizact device will provide less bleeding and less pain. This is due to the low temperature seals vs the conventional energy forms that coagulate at 3-5x the temperature. The tonsil tissue is compressed and sealed causing almost no bleeding. The source of post-op pain stems from the trauma to the tissue at high temperatures. Bizact avoids these post-op episodes so the patient can recover faster.