SINUVA is a treatment for adult patients with nasal polyps who have previously received an ethmoid sinus surgery and require further treatment. This nasal implant is placed in a minimally invasive, in-office procedure. Once inserted, the treatment is designed to open up the sinus and deliver anti-inflammatory medication to treat nasal polyps.

In Office Procedures

People who suffer from recurrent nasal polyps understand that it can be a very debilitating disease. Many patients have undergone surgery one or multiple times to remove the polyps, only to find them recurring months to years later. Now there is a new solution for patients suffering from recurrent nasal polyps.

Sinuva is a corticosteroid-eluting implant made from bioabsorbable polymers designed to soften over time. Simply put, it is a steroid implant that can be rinsed away using nasal lavage over the course of three months. It has gained FDA approval in the treatment of recurrent nasal polyps and can be placed by one of our experienced ENT surgeons in minutes with minimal discomfort.

How is SINUVA placed?

SINUVA uses advanced technology and medicine to reduce nasal polyps, nasal congestion and nasal obstructions in a minimally invasive procedure. It is placed during an in-office, non-surgical sinus procedure delivered into the sinus cavity through the nasal opening during a routine office visit.

After applying a numbing agent to your nose, one of our highly trained doctors will place the SINUVA implant into your nostrils on the end of a delivery system and place the implant within your sinus. It usually cannot be felt once it’s in place and can be removed after 90 days or earlier at your doctor’s discretion.

Is SINUVA safe?

The safety of this implant was established with 400 patients over two clinical trials. Some side-effects observed in clinical studies were bronchitis, upper respiratory or middle ear infection, headache, lightheadedness, asthma, and nose bleed

What are the risks with SINUVA?

The risks from SINUVA are similar to those associated with other endoscopic sinus procedures, such as nose bleed, injuries to blood vessels, and bacterial infection. SINUVA is not for people with hypersensitivity to corticosteroids or those with nasal ulcers or trauma.

Benefits of SINUVA

There are many great benefits when receiving SINUVA, including:

  • In office placement of steroid eluting implant for recurrent polyposis
  • No surgery required
  • Simple and effective procedure
  • Removes polyps
  • Improves symptoms such as sinus headaches, nasal congestion, loss of smell and loss of taste caused by nasal polyps
  • Reduces symptoms of nasal obstruction and congestion for up to 90 days
  • Decrease chance of repeat sinus surgery compared to patients who do not receive SINUVA

Contact us today and make an appointment to find out if you are a candidate for this minimally invasive solution to recurrent polyposis and if SINUVA is the right solution for you.


In Office Procedures