Surgery FAQ

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Prior to Surgery:

If you have certain conditions, your doctor will request medical clearance to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. See our reference page for more information.

Anesthesia is the use of medications to prevent feeling any pain and to keep you comfortable during the surgical procedure. A dedicated, highly trained team to doctors and nurses use a variety of modern equipment and medicines to accomplish this and to keep you safe before, during, and after the surgery.

Yes, the day of the surgery the patient will be speaking directly to the anesthesiologist right before having surgery, he or she will answer all your questions accordingly.

Most surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. Please ask your doctor if you have any questions about your specific surgery.

Yes, you may always speak to your doctor if you have any questions. You will see the doctor during the pre-operative appointment and on the day of surgery.

The doctor you saw during your consultation will be performing the surgery. Occasionally the doctor needs an assistant, who will also be present during the surgery.

Occasionally your doctor will give them before, however it is at the doctors’ discretion. Information about the closest pharmacy to the surgical facility will be given to you.

You MUST cancel your surgery AT LEAST TWO (2) WEEKS before the scheduled date. Please note that you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

We try and schedule you at the earliest possible date. However, if you would like an earlier date please let the surgery scheduler know and he or she will give you an earlier slot if it becomes available. Please note that this depends on how long your surgery is expected to take. Longer surgeries will be more difficult to reschedule.

After Surgery:

No, it is recommended that you recover and rest at home the day after surgery. For certain surgeries, you may be required to stay in the hospital for one or more nights.

The recovery time depends on the type of surgery. Please reference your “Surgical Guide” for more specific times. Some general times are listed below:

  • Sinus Surgery, Tonsillectomy, Complex Ear Surgery, Thyroid Surgery: 1-2 WEEKS
  • Ear Tube: 1-3 DAYS
  • Cosmetic Surgery: 2 WEEKS MINIMUM

You doctor will give you more information and/or extend these times if necessary.

In general, no you should walk and be mobile after your surgery. You will receive detailed information about activity instructions and limitations before your surgery. Please reference the “Surgical Guide” for more information.

Yes, you may IF you have a family member or friend with you. Please not that you may NOT use a bus as a means to go home.

You will receive detailed diet instructions before surgery. Please reference the “Surgical Guide” for more information. General guideline are listed below:

  • Eat lightly after surgery as you may be nauseous due to the anesthesia.
  • Do NOT drink alcohol for at least 24 hours after your surgery.
  • Use ONLY the medications provided to you unless directed by your doctor.
  • For oral and tonsil surgery, drink only liquids and broth until you have healed

Please bring your identification, insurance card, medical clearance (if necessary) and an accurate and complete list of medications you are currently taking.

Please refer to the “Surgery Day Checklist” for a complete list of items to bring with you.

Please refer to the “Surgery Day Checklist” for a complete list of items to bring with you.

No, the child does not need to be present. However if you have any questions concerning the surgery that requires examination of the patient, the child should be present.

Please arrive TWO (2) HOURS BEFORE your scheduled surgery time. If there are any changes to your scheduled time, the hospital or surgical center will contact you.

No, a parent or legal guardian MUST be present. A legal guardian MUST have appropriate documentation (power of attorney or equivalent proof).

The duration is dependent on how complex the surgery is. Please reference your “Surgical Guide” for more information.

Yes, one parent or legal guardian may be at the bedside before and after surgery.

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