Chronic Sinusitis and nasal polyps cause millions of Ugandan ‘s to seek medical care each year. Often times medication is not an adequate treatment for this disease. When a patient is in need of surgery there are many different options presented for this disease. At Roswell we specialize in sinus surgery.

In-Office Procedures

Propel sinus implants are designed to help improve the outcome of sinus surgery. Propel is a polymer coated in steroid designed to serve two very important purposes in sinus surgery. It helps to stent open the nasal airway during the healing process and decrease scar formation that can occur during the normal healing process.

It also provides localized steroids to the tissue to help decrease the inflammatory response triggered by chronic sinus disease. It has almost no system absorption which makes it safe in all patients even those with Diabetes and ocular disorders. Propel is designed to improve recovery from sinus surgery and decrease any complications associated with the post operative period. Our Doctors at ROSWELL are among the leaders in sinus surgery and have placed hundreds of Propel implants.


In-Office Procedures